Empowering Women Farmers in India, One Signature at a Time

Mint farmers in India produce 70% of the world’s supply of mint and rely on the crop to provide their households with a vital source of income. Declining soil health due to overfertilization, increasing cost of production, and a lack of quality planting material decreased productivity and reduced farmer incomes. Mars Wrigley Confectionery relies on […]

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GAP Report Consultative Partners HarvestPlus and GAIN Working Together to Accelerate Access to Nutrient-Rich Staple Food Crops

Two billion people worldwide suffer from micronutrient deficiency because they cannot afford a diverse, nourishing diet.  This “hidden hunger” makes them vulnerable to disease, disability, and even death. Solutions include vitamin and mineral supplements; commercially fortified foods; and an innovative approach known as biofortification.  Using conventional crop breeding techniques, this process naturally enriches staple food […]

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