Agriculture for a Healthy Sustainable World

Food and agriculture production systems provide people with nutrition and products they need to achieve a healthy, comfortable life. Food, clothing, shelter, fuel and consumer goods used every day are the result of complex agricultural production and supply systems.

Yet, today’s consumers expect much more from their agriculture and food systems than in previous generations. Through their purchases they express their preferences and values and help shape the decisions producers and retailers make.

Their influence is growing as they consider what they buy, why they buy it and how and where they purchase food and agriculture products.

These consumer trends are global, but the nature and extent of their influence is shaped by geography, cultural norms, government policy and socio-economic status.

The 2018 Global Agricultural Productivity Report® (GAP Report®) explores the consumer trends that are transforming the food system and lays out a vision for a world where people thrive, and the planet’s resources are protected for generations to come. Innovation, investment, partnerships and smart policies will be essential to achieve this vision of a hunger-free, healthy and sustainable world.

The report also highlights challenges that must be surmounted. For the fifth straight year, GHI’s Global Agricultural Productivity (GAP) Index™ reveals that global agricultural productivity growth is not accelerating quickly enough to sustainably meet the demands of our growing world. Coupled with the rise in the number of hungry people, these troubling trends require urgent action now.

Together we must commit to improving and transforming our food and agriculture systems to achieve a well-fed healthy population and a healthy planet.

We hope this report serves as a call to action.

Dr. Margaret M. Zeigler
Executive Director
Global Harvest Initiative

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