How can we sustainably produce enough food, feed, fiber, and bioenergy for nearly 10 billion people in 2050? 

Agricultural productivity is the key to a sustainable future.

The Global Agricultural Productivity Report is the premier source for productivity data, analysis, and policy recommendations that inspire action.

In collaboration with our partners in the private sector, NGOs, conservation organizations, universities, and global research institutions, our annual report and year-round engagement provides a roadmap toward progress.

Graphic of the cover of the 2021 GAP Report.
Strengthening the Climate for Sustainable Agricultural Growth

The 2021 GAP Report urges the acceleration of productivity growth at all production scales to meet consumers’ needs and address current and future threats to human and environmental well-being.

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Learn about agricultural productivity through our interviews with experts, animated breakdowns, video essays from our partners, and past GAP Report launch events in our curated video library.

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Agricultural Productivity Around the World

Productivity growth rates vary significantly by region and country.

The GAP Initiative at Virginia Tech

Housed within Virginia Tech’s CALS Global, the GAP Initiative creates opportunities for connection between the talent and research of the university and leaders in the global agricultural and food security communities.

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Leadership for the GAP Initiative is provided by the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and an external Leadership Council.

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The GAP Report is supported by investments from the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. GAP Report Supporting Partners provide financial support for the GAP Report and related activities. They offer an important perspective on critical issues facing agricultural systems in the US and around the world.

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Our work is enhanced by contributions from Consultative Partners who share their knowledge and experience in agriculture, conservation, nutrition and the needs of small-scale farmers.

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