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Global Agricultural Sustainability Imperative

For our agricultural systems to be sustainable, they must meet the needs of present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The Global Agricultural Sustainability Imperative identifies key issues that must be addressed for agricultural products that we eat, use, and enjoy.

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Sustainable Agriculture is Built on Productivity Growth

Productivity growth, measured as Total Factor Productivity (TFP), is critical to meeting current needs for food and agricultural products without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The GAP Index reveals stagnant TFP growth globally, and alarmingly low TFP in low-income countries.

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Uneven Productivity Growth Undermines Sustainability

Most agricultural output growth comes from increased productivity, but regional TFP growth rates vary dramatically. The latest TFP data show how population growth rates, changing consumption patterns, and productivity levels influence sustainability.

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Technology, Best Practices, and Attention to Ecosystem Services Drive Productivity Growth

Innovative agricultural technologies and best farm management practices, combined with attention to ecosystem services, drive productivity growth and can be tailored for all scales of production.

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Policies, Investments, and Incentives for a Productive Sustainable Future

Smart policies, incentive, and investments support productive, sustainable, and resilient agriculture systems.

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Partners in Productivity and Sustainability

Stories from Virginia Tech and the GAP Report Supporting and Consultative Partners demonstrate how companies, organizations, governments, and individuals are working together to ensure we have sustainable diets, and more, for generations to come.

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